Sunday, May 24, 2009

The New Revolutionary 12mp digital camera camcorder mp3 mp4 Webcam Voice Recorder In One On Sale!

12mp YOUTUBE high resolution camera, video, mp3, mp4, digital voice recorder, webcam, data transfer device, tv out, vcr to pc transfer device all in one. a true technology revolution.
It is also the first camera of its kind that requires NO SOFTWARE NEEDED. its an innovative USB 2.0. you just plug and play into your computer. plain and simple. no hassle with cd's, software and drivers.
accessory bundle includes the new 3.7v lithium ion battery pack which will give you hours of use. save $$$ and hasstle of buying batteries. a wall charger, USB cable tv/out cables to watch your camera on tv, leather pouch, handstrap, earphones and instruction manual. if a camera was made today with all these features it would go for a 1000 dollars. you can yours today for only $150! but only while supplies last. order one today before they're gone.
order yours today at
Fast worldwide shipping.

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